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Dear families ,We inform you of the initial meetings of parents of students that will take place on the porch of the Center on the following days and at the following times:

3 YEARS A: 2 September at 9:00h.

3 YEARS B:2 September at 10:15 h.

3 YEARS C: 2 September at 11:30h.

To check the group your child is in, you can stop by the center on the day 1 September 10:00 a 13:00h.

4 YEARS A:3 September at 9:00h.

4YEARS B:3 September at 10:15h.

4 YEARS C:3 September at 11:30h.


5YEARS A: 6 September at 9:00 h.

5 YEARS B: 6 September at 10:15 h.

5 YEARS C:6 September at 11:30 h.

Following the guidelines of the covid protocol, only one family member per student may attend these meetings. Punctuality is requested and that they come without children.

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