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Throughout the school year, a number of complementary activities are undertaken for the expansion and reinforcement of knowledge of our students. Here are some pictures of the past made.


The celebration of Christmas in the E.I. Maria Montessori is a way to bring the students closer to the popular and social events, within the framework of respect for the values, Andalusian tradition and culture. In this special week we have the cooperation of our AMPA for in a climate of collaboration and conduct a tasting feast of Christmas products, delivery letter to the pages, S.S.M.M visit the Magi, performance of Carols, etc..


On the occasion of Christmas, children of 4 and 5 years have made cookie decorating workshops, with the collaboration of families. They enjoyed much of the process, the recipes, manipulating the mass, decorating and especially degustándolas… How rich were!
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Like all years ,our school dresses for the reindeer navidad.Pequeños,muñequitos / as snow and stars rockeras have been the delight of all families were able to attend our gala modest Christmas.        
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Day of Peace and Intercultural

Throughout the course of a school and transversal values ​​education working with students and learning is pursued through the emotional and social maturity of the students / as to generate behavioral patterns of solidarity with others, of respect for differences and self-esteem, in a school environment that address diversity and does not discriminate. Day 30 January is celebrated Peace Day as the culmination of a week of activities alluding to this commemoration.


Like all years ,our students have celebrated the day of Peace and non-violence . For it ,in addition to making plastic materials alluding to this special day ,We have learned the song CONTÁGIAME TU PAZ and they have chosen a word alluding to the values ​​of the no ...
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Day of Andalucía

One of the most significant activities center of our school is the commemoration of Andalusia. During the week of 28 February we convey to our students / as important aspects of our Andalusian culture and gastronomy, architecture, bailes populares o himno. For some years now has been held symbolic race: "All Andalusia". Through this activity center, aims to teach children the spirit of participation and effort of Andalusian states and perform a ceremony to our flag.


WE ARE ANDALUSIANS!! WE ARE ANDALUSIANS. Day 24 WE ARE ANDALUSIANS. Our boys and girls enjoyed a performance by the flamenco group “ELI DE....
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  One more year, CEI Maria Montessori celebrates the Day of Andalusia. A very special celebration we started working previous weeks, culminating in an exciting day for our students. But also, It is also a very special day for families..
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Our center has a majority of students / registered as the subject of Religion and from this course, activities to highlight this week is proposed and extended to all students considering it an important cultural benefit to our children / as.

Book Day

Among the goals of our project is the education of our students get closer to reading and writing in everyday situations through texts related to everyday life, assessing written language as a communication tool, representation and enjoyment. The day is an ideal book to share with students / as time, a special day full of fun and creative activities that come once again to the rich world of books.


Day 23 April is the day of the book. For this reason and as is traditional in our cole we have organized a week of stories our grandparents has Dearest / as. It is one of the most emotional and motivational activities for our children and also for ...
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Constitution Day

One of the most important educational goals of our Center is to contribute to the integral development of children in an environment of coeducation and equal opportunities, the Constitution Day to highlight the work easier to understand aspects of our students and teach them the rights they have, especially education, and its duties.

THE CONSTITUTION :Our rights and duties

Through music we celebrated the day of the constitution using different recycled materials (bottles,paper,plugs…)to interpret our hymn staff Nacional.A class we talked about the importance of establishing rules and rights of all children ...
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Other activities

2 of April, World Autism Awareness Day

In our Center we celebrate important events for our Educational Community such as World Autism Awareness Day. With different activities we bring our students closer to knowledge about Diversity, so that we can also learn.
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The 18 February we celebrate the carnival in our school. We did not want to miss this day of fun and fantasy that boys and girls like so much.. In this way we have tried to have a certain normality in this celebration although with some restrictions due to the....
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The 24 of March, the students of 5 years we finally went on an excursion, after learning things related to the Solar System, we loved seeing the planetarium, we enjoy seeing the constellations and the planets, it seemed very very real. We also loved the visit by....
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As part of the development of our work projects we have organized two outputs of the most interesting. Small of 4 years could discover animals and plants of the seabed during his visit to the Aquarium of Sevilla.Toda an unforgettable experience. In the Casa de las ...
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