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One more year, CEI Maria Montessori celebrates the Day of Andalusia.

A very special celebration we started working previous weeks, culminating in an exciting day for our students. But also, It is also a very special day for families who were able to enjoy the now traditional race through Andalusia and the surprise performance that the flamenco group offered us “Lucía Benavides and Diaplamenco”, a surprise performance courtesy of the AMPA.

Just before the race, our students three, four and five related recited each of the provinces of our community small poems. And after this and with the starting gun by the director of our center, the students gave everything in the race. proof, are the photos that we took of this day and that we share with all of you.

Once the race is over, students could enjoy a typical Andalusian breakfast and could take home some of the work done to celebrate this day as the cap and medal Andalusia.




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