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Our Center

El C.E.I. Maria Montessori es el single center public Utrera Specific Childhood, serves students 3, 4, and 5 years old.

Our faculty specializes in Early Childhood Education, also has a specialist Therapeutic Pedagogy, a part-time Hearing and Language specialist and two Special Education monitors.

The Center is committed to New Technologies and Innovation in Education..

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Adaptability Center

Our Center is committed to Education for All. We work for our students SEN is seamlessly integrated into our educational community. With the best care and educational services, wheelchair and a specific and ongoing training through our Equipment Therapeutic Pedagogy and Educational Equipment External (E.O.E), techniques and methodologies that effectively meet the special educational needs of our students.

Objectives of the Centre

El E.I. Maria Montessori Center aspires to be the best bid Educational Quality, based teacher training and continuous improvement in the teaching-learning, to achieve maximum academic performance of our students.

Our Teachers

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Morning Classroom:
The Center has morning room service, where they can leave their children / as the hours of 7:30 a 8:40.

Extracurricular Activities:
Temporarily suspended due to COVID.

Dinning room:
Our center is attached to the school cafeteria of the Álvarez Quintero school.
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