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We are writing to you to inform our calendar end of year:

  • Thursday, 7 of June. This day our students 5 years made his first official visit to C.E.I.P. Alvarez Quintero, under our transit plan for small forward approach to its new cole.
  • Wednesday 13 of June. Students 5 years will participate in the proposed activity by the city visiting the park Consolation for small experiments and explore the native flora.
  • Monday the 18 of June.

-From 4 a 5 evening parent meeting:

-Delivery of newsletters 3rd quarter (3,4 and 5 years old) in the classrooms of students.

-Completing reports A.C.. (Only parents of students 5 years old. are requested to come with a blue pen to fill).

From 6 a 7 pm:

-Meeting of parents of students new addition to our center for the course 2018/19 in Quintero to C.E.I.P.Álvarez 18:00 h.

  • Tuesday, 19 of June. Children storytellers for students 3,4 and 5 years by the team

socio-cultural activities of the city council.

  • Wednesday the 20 of June. Delivery will be made to our students of the work done during the quarter (except students dining, whose families collected the same day delivery notes).
  • Thursday, 21 of June. Graduation party students 5 years old. From 9:30 a 11:30h.

At 9:30h in the morning the doors of the Center will be open for parents / mothers or family to see the farewell ceremony of the alumni / ae ending cycle (5 years old). Lack of capacity by attending the event only two people per student with personalized invitation that will be delivered the day before families. In this act they will be given to children / as the Orlas and gowns. This day will come graduate students arranged to give seriousness to the graduation ceremony, given that girls should avoid bringing coleteros or hairstyles that hinder sunset birrete. The entry and exit of all students will be at normal business hours 9:00 a 14:00H.

  • Friday the 22 of June. Breakfast and farewell party prom with entertainment by our A.M.P.A, to which we return to acknowledge their involvement and willingness to help in these special days.

Waiting for your help and thanking the trust you have placed in us, I wish on behalf of the Senate and on my own behalf a happy holiday.


  • Project Reto.Educ.Infantil.3 years, 1º,2Y3er th quarter. Edit. ANAYA.
  • Catholic CORAZÓN.3años project. Edit. ANAYA.
  • Grafo monstrous motor 1.Edit.ANAYA.
  • math 1.Tic, tic, tac. Edit. ANAYA.
  • Readings for crecer.3 años.Edit.Edelvives. (Only for students / as they do not give religion).


  • Project Reto.Educ.Infantil.4 years, 1º,2Y3er th quarter. Edit. ANAYA.
  • Catholic CORAZÓN.4años project. Edit. ANAYA.
  • Letrilandia 1.Pauta Montessori .Edit. EDELVIVES.
  • Readings for crecer.4 años.Edit.Edelvives. (Only for students / as they do not give religion).


  • Project Reto.Educ.Infantil.5 years, 1º,2Y3er th quarter. Edit. ANAYA.
  • Catholic project CORAZÓN.5 years. Edit. ANAYA.
  • Letrilandia 2.Consonantes-agenda Montessori. Edit. EDELVIVES.
  • math 3.Tic, tic, tac. Edit. ANAYA.
  • Readings for crecer.5 años.Edit.Edelvives. (Only for students / as they do not give religion).


"Maria Montessori"


We are starting a new school year with high hopes by all. We want all together we realize our main objective:


Childhood Education aims to facilitate the overall development of the child's personality / a in all respects: physical, intellectual, affective, social and moral. We must respect and accompany children / as in this maturation process.

This will be one of the most important times and more importance in the life of your child / a. After many restless nights hoping he was admitted / a in this center, it's time to show your interest and involvement in all policies and activities of the center so that "everything goes well".

In these pages we detail our most important standards adopted by the School Board for this course 2018/2019.


The puntuality is a habit that our alumni / ae must purchase from small; and it is your responsibility to be so. The schedule entry and exit will be held rigorously, therefore families who are requested to take steps to fulfill it.

  • The students will enter to 9h in the morning. Once the door closed you can not access the Center.
  • Not allow students to enter the center eating or any toy or household object.
  • During the month of September in our center we set up a special schedule to fulfill the right of our students to have an addition to the school life as positive as possible, with a progressive adaptation to it, that allows you to take on this major change in your life that all students can not generalize but in no case shall respect the express request of the family that it deems necessary.
  • Students who for justifiable reasons have not been able to enter the start time, They are allowed entry alone If you bring proof with current date and the name of the student / a; In medical matters, It will be valid as proof, the appointment of the medical and / or prescription with the child's name and the current date.
  • Once you leave children / as in center it is strictly forbidden to continue occupying the entrance area or move to the other door to see the child / a. Interrupts the flow of input and makes other students enter more nervous.
  • The departure It will be at 14h, opening the door to 13:50 h for greater fluidity in the output: Non-punctuality in collecting student may be cause for warning families for serious misconduct.
  • For students / as they are accustomed to go quiet, in order and easy, pick the person who will approach the line and inform the guardian that the child / takes. No child / a will be picked up by someone other than the usual without official authorization (at any time of the day), which will be included in the envelope along with the other documents in enrollment. This rule is inflexible since our premium center Child Safety / a.
  • Is it so prohibited entries with carts, animals, bikes, scooters, etc., in the center's facilities as they may cause unwanted accidents and we can not guarantee the safety of students.
  • Please do not allow students / as flowerbeds or enter the center of playground equipment at the time of departure.
  • If a child / a falls, illness or other cause that needs to call their parents or the person who gets, it must sign a receipt, If the Center decides to take. Such proof shall sign in the direction of College.
  • Need to communicate the absence your son / daughter to the Guardian from the third day. It will not be allowed systematically missing.

If the child / is sick, He has a fever or has contracted a contagious disease, please, not bring to school to prevent the spread of the disease .The decision making adult NO CHILD.

  • Parents, mothers or guardians of students / as leaving the C.A.I.T, They must complete an authorization being responsible for said output.

Families who want to bring a tidbit for fellow / as their children / as should remember that not chocolate or any kind of sweets will be accepted by decision of the School Council approved a 21julio of 2011.

  • No student can go hiking without the authorization of the father / mother / guardian, require that this contains the signature D.N.I and adult.
  • They should respect the deadlines for registration and payment of excursions in the deadline set tutors, to hire buses and make reservations for site visit. After the deadline, New students will be accepted.
  • In case of illness or other incident that prevent the student / a hiking only money activity will be returned, Never bus, since it will have a certain number of seats to be paid.
  • In case of developing allergy or intolerance determined, Parents must authorize the proposed departure breakfast or breakfast send your child / a, which will be deducted from the total price of the tour.
  • For information on arrivals, outputs or itinerary hikers parents can call the school secretary.


  • Students / as new recruits must bring to school a card with your name and phone number placed in a visible place that will be delivered by tutors at the 1st meeting. Failure to bring the label, the child / a can not access the Center, Since Maestras, to not know yet, do not know which group.
  • Bags material be collected by tutors when the output .The name of the student / a should appear clear on the outside of the bag to avoid confusion. (Not marked in any case materials inside the bag).
  • Alumni / ae should go comfortably dressed Center, preferably in sweats or clothing convenient not to limit its movements. tracksuits, coats, etc. ... children / as bring to school, They must carry their full name marked.
  • Complementary items: caps, gloves, scarves, umbrella, necklaces, earrings, Watches, bracelets, etc., They may not enter the campus for obvious security reasons.
  • For the same reason, being a garment dripping water, without forgetting the age of the children and they have to climb stairs, are STRICTLY FORBIDDEN ALL KINDS OF CLOTHING
  • Should the student / a wet or make your needs above will be called to your family contact to change it.
  • For security reasons, Alumni / ae may not bring to school, toys, money, or any other object that could threaten the physical safety of the child / a and their companions / as.
  1. It) SNACK
  • For snacks, may bring snacks, fruit, juices, smoothies (provided they are not in glass containers and taking into account that the amount thereof is not excessive since it is a snack; students / as well breakfasted should come home.
  • Following the agreement of the Ministry of Health and Social Policy with all the autonomous communities 21 July 2011, our center, school board approves, the prohibition of industrial bakery, chocolate or any kind of goodies in the middle.
  • This snack will bring it in a cloth bag 25 x 25 cm OF WINGS. backpacks and any other type of bag is prohibited, since they are not necessary and cause problems in class.

Waiting for your help, Yours sincerely,

The teaching team


  • Meeting parents of new students in the center : Monday the 18 June at 18:00h.
  • Meeting with the guardians of 3 year course 2018/19: Monday the 10 September to 10:00h.
  • Parent-delivery notes this school year :Monday 18 June at 16:00 h.

We take this opportunity to thank the trust placed in our Center and wish them a happy holiday with their children / as.Nos See you in September.



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