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Any unnecessary help is a hindrance to development.
- María Montessori -

Welcome from the Director

Welcome to the website of our Center.
dear families:
First of all, I want to convey my heartfelt thanks for looking at our virtual portal. Created at the time to have another communication and information resource with families, today and because of the situation that our society and that of many other countries are going through, becomes an essential tool for transparency in the management and operation of the Center. In it you can get an idea of ​​our facilities, know our staff, our plans and projects, enjoy photo and video galleries that will bring you closer to all the experiences your little ones have with us and send us suggestions to include in our improvement plans.
The course 20/21 Due to its uniqueness, it is being tough but no less exciting for the new management team that faces an important challenge of digital transformation, creativity for the development of an inclusive curriculum and rigorous assessments to try to give all our students the most individualized attention possible.
We will be working with a primary objective that will guide us in all our actions SAFETY FOR THE HEALTH of our entire community., We have drawn up a COVID action or containment plan that you can consult and that will be updated according to the events on this web page.
We pride ourselves on leading an innovative team of professionals involved in continuous training to improve the quality of the Center.
We hope to live up to your expectations and we thank you once again on behalf of our entire team of professionals and on my own behalf for the trust you have placed in our Center.
We wish you health and many moments of happiness for the whole family.
Begoña Moreta Jury


One of the hallmarks of our Center is the coordination between all teachers. All additional or extra-curricular activities go and approved by faculty from the consensus and with the approval of our School Council. Schedules and evaluation are based on a joint educational project that seeks to achievement of common goals and mark the daily work of all teachers.


Our Center is committed to education for all. We work so that our students can be seamlessly integrated into our educational community. The best care care, wheelchair, with specific and ongoing training through our Educational and Therapeutic Equipment in techniques and methodologies that effectively serve the special educational needs of all our students and with the support of external orientation team (E.O.E.).


Throughout these years and thanks to the work, involvement and effort of the former management team, our Center has not stopped requesting resources, participate in research projects and present grants to digitally transform our Center. Thanks to that, Today we have PDIs in all classrooms, computers for all teachers, digital cannons, tablets for educational support and reinforcement and tablets for all teachers as an essential work tool that allows them to monitor students, participate in meetings, videoconferences, and train or telework. A merit in the management for modernization and in which we continue working.

Latest News


Communicated to schools supported by public funds The schooling procedure, regulated by Decree 21/2020, of 17 February and the Order of 20 February 2020, contains actions and deadlines that have been affected by the declared state of alarm..
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dear families, in order to prove that confinement more bearable you we send this video to make you dance and to propose a small challenge…  
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Because the alarm status DECREE BY THE GOVERNMENT ESTABLISHED. Maria Montessori school since we will try to help all those families who want to apply for admission to the course 2020/2021 in our center with the video you will find below, where our ...
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