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Communicated to schools supported by public funds

The schooling procedure, regulated by Decree 21/2020, of 17 February and the Order of 20 February 2020, contains actions and deadlines that have been affected by the state of alarm declared by the Royal Decree 463/2020, of 14 of March. The administrative act that is having the most impact is the presentation of applications for admission to schools, since it has been interrupted in the middle of the filing period. This interruption directly affects the delivery of the admission application and the corresponding documentation in the secretariats of the educational centers because they are closed.. When the alarm state ends or the educational centers are allowed to open, application deadline will resume.

The electronic filing of applications through the Virtual Secretariat of the Ministry of Education and Sports is still available. To make the request by the Virtual Secretariat, a new access and signature system has been arranged, in addition to the existing electronic certificate and password, by DNI and a code received by sms to the mobile phone. This system allows the application to be submitted, whose content is understood valid except for obtaining tax data on income and wealth tax, whose authorization requires the express signature of each and every one of the members of the family unit older than 16 years old.

Esta circunstancia obligará en su momento a que todas las personas que hayan realizado su solicitud en la Secretaría Virtual mediante acceso por DNI y código recibido por sms, deberán personarse en los centros con la solicitud firmada por todas las personas de la unidad familiar mayor de 16 years to proceed with the empowerment of data crossing of income and wealth tax. Failure to do so during the application delivery period, it will be understood that it DOES NOT AUTHORIZE the crossing of the tax data and therefore will not receive any point in the valuation of said section.

Other aspecto a considerar es que la consolidación de las solicitudes teletramitadas, así como la entrega en papel en el centro, when there is more than one application submitted by the same applicant, will continue in the same way as until now. That is to say, when there are several requests in the same center, tanto en papel como teletramitadas, se acepta o se consolida la última presentada dentro de plazo, the others are canceled. Solamente se entiende que una solicitud está duplicada cuando se ha grabado para centros distintos, which will lead to the loss of the priority rights that may correspond to him and participating in the procedure with zero points, en aplicación del artículo 43.6 of the Decree 21/2020, of 17 February.

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